When Iron Chef Jose Garces asks WeHolden to help create bar programs and design restaurant concepts, we first try to look very hungry and hint about how inspired we are by his cooking. Then we try to stand up and get to work. From assisting with the concept of Baja taco joint Buena Onda to re-creating the bar program at Garces Trading Company to designing identity elements for Distrito, Bayamo, and Pincho, WeHolden has helped create one-of-a-kind dining experiences for restaurant-goers in our home city of Philadelphia and around the world.

Collaborating with Chef Garces, WeHolden also developed Hecho En America, a TV pilot and concept that brings viewers on a city-by-city expedition with Chef Garces while he searches the nation’s Latin-American enclaves for under-the-radar, ethnic specialty dishes and then returns home to recreate the dishes Garces-style.










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