For the prolific of spirit, bold of heart, and all unencumbered by convención, the time is at hand. Created from a 1927 Puebla family recipe that was served in Mexico's post-revolutionary cantinas and salones, Ancho Reyes is "The Original Ancho Chile Liqueur" a unique menjurje that fueled an artistic revolution among the country's intelligentsia.

WeHolden traveled to Puebla to play dominos in centuries-old cantinas, explore and document the history of the liqueur, and develop a brand tone, experiential events, time-worn assets, and digital and social media that would be worthy of the liquid's incendiary history.

Partnering with the Bon Vivants, Licorera Ancho Reyes y CIA, and William Grant & Sons, we launched Ancho Reyes in November 2013. It has quickly become one of the hottest brands in the spirits world.
















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