"It was loud. It was profane. It was quarrelsome and brawling and everywhere it gambled … as businessmen gamble who have to play the weather, the crops, and the whims of housewives going to market.” -- The Philadelphia Bulletin, June 14, 1959

For the Independence Seaport Museum, WeHolden created an exhibit that showcases the boisterous, bygone culture of Philadelphia’s famous Dock Street produce market. Curated by WeHolden partner Erich Weiss, the grandson of produce man and Old Original Bookbinder’s founder John M. Taxin, the exhibit takes visitors through the market’s city-settler origin, continuing to the mid-1800s when it was “the nerve center of the city’s business and mercantile life” and ending with the full experience of 1930s-1950s huckster life. In addition to historical images and ephemera from Dock Street, a gallery of artwork influenced by "Hucksters" was created by noted Philadelphia artists. We also teamed up with Dock Street Brewery to create their first ever "Olde Bar" Oyster Stout using oyster shells from The Olde Bar. Exhibit review here.





















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